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Fast Accurate Complete Tailored Surveys

In an era where corporate success hinges on timely, accurate information, FACTS delivers the information you need within 5 business days.

FACTS is our custom research services that allows you to conduct 100 telephone interviews in a simple, cost-effective and timely manner. With FACTS, you’re freed from many of the time-consuming tasks associated with conducting a study – identifying a qualified list, formatting the questionnaire, compiling and analyzing the data. Simply submit the questions you would like answered and we’ll undertake all the tasks to successfully complete the study within 5 business days.

Focus Data has completed thousands of studies addressing as many as 15 client generated questions and key issues, providing the research results in an easy to read format tables and charts.

To learn more about Focus Data’s research services, please request a proposal, or contact Mona Dabbon at O-508.303.3400 M-508.397.8176 or email mdabbon@focusdata.com