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In-Depth User Studies

Based on in-depth telephone interviews, averaging one hour in length, IDUS provides technology vendors with qualitative information on key trends and critical issues.

By conducting and analyzing both the in-depth and quantitative data, IDUS uncovers the users’ behavior, attitudes and motivation, recognition, perceptions, opinions, awareness, and expectations, thereby empowering you to take the right steps to develop successful strategies.

We design a study to gain real, rich, solid and deep data. IDUS will:

  • Produce more in-depth, comprehensive information.
  • Be flexible to gain insight on issues that may have not been pre-defined.
  • Provide a wide understanding of the entire situation through in-depth probing and follow-up questions.
  • Gather direct quotations through open ended questions.
  • Determine what views respondents hold in an unbiased approach

IDUS provides the results necessary to identify strategies for lasting competitive advantage.

To learn more about Focus Data’s research services, please request a proposal, or contact Mona Dabbon at O-508.303.3400 M-508.397.8176 or email mdabbon@focusdata.com