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Ongoing Total Customer Satisfaction Study

Every interaction with your customer is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship. Whether for service or product , researching the level of customer satisfaction has become an intricate and crucial part of virtually most organizations.

With 27 years of customer service satisfaction experience, and many on-going tracking programs running, Focus Data is experienced in creating, designing and executing all types of satisfaction surveys. A study maybe designed to encompass the entire customer relationship, from price and availability to customer service.

OSAT helps you to measure and improve customer interaction leading to greater loyalty. Criteria in our customer satisfaction studies include:

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Performance
  • Tech support
  • Pre and Post Sales Support
  • Meeting Client’s expectations
  • Likelihood to recommend your products and services

This information will help you better understand your company’s performance to drive customers loyalty. By incorporating customer loyalty into your customer satisfaction research program, OSAT helps you establish and track your performance on the critical elements.

OSAT establishes a customer loyalty measure from which to benchmark. Once you understand your current strengths and weaknesses relative to your competitors, you can improve internal policies, operating procedures to better create loyal customers.

Focus Data is dedicated to helping you implement customer satisfaction to continue to provide and improve quality customer service and or product.

To learn more about Focus Data’s research services, please request a proposal, or contact Mona Dabbon at O-508.303.3400 M-508.397.8176 or email mdabbon@focusdata.com