Our Creative Approach.

From survey design to data analysis, Focus Data supports the full range of your research needs. Our highly trained staff is committed to our partnership with you, responding to your needs and focusing on getting you the results that will drive your business.

Oftentimes, this means we’ve got to get creative. Striking the right tone with study participants, for instance, can be a challenge. But at Focus Data, we’ve had plenty of practice adjusting our approach to different personalities and levels of experience, making respondents feel at ease and willing to share the important information you need. With over 30 years of solid experience, we have developed expertise and useful skills to successful complete any study regardless of its complexity – within reason of course.

We have also discovered that the wording and the placement of each question effects the quality of the data. Our expertise includes questionnaire design, our staff is well trained to work with you to design the best possible questionnaire. You are the expert in defining the type of information you need and we are the experts in finding the best way to get you this data.

Starting with our initial kickoff meeting with you, our door is always open for input, collaboration, and a thorough exchange of information regarding the study goals, methodology, sample selection, specific project results, and presentation format.

To learn more about Focus Data’s research services, please request a quote, or contact Mona Dabbon at 508.303.3400 or email mdabbon@focusdata.com